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CL4-Digital, Industry and Space

ELectrochemical OXidation of cYclic and biogenic substrates for high efficiency production of organic CHEMicals

Tildelt: kr 42,9 mill.






2024 - 2028

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ELectrochemical OXidation of cYclic and biogenic substrates for high efficiency production of organic CHEMicals

ELOXYCHEM will establish a commercially relevant electrochemical oxidation process that will become a strategic development to replace existing chemical conversion processes that are heavily reliant on imported materials such as nitric acid and imported fossil-fuels such as natural gas. ELOXYCHEM will promote a credible pathway for Europe’s twin transition (green and digital) by demonstrating: (i) a new transformational electrochemical conversion platform process at a pilot scale (multiple tonnes per annum) consisting of reactors and downstream separation to final products with marketable specification to reliably achieve TRL6; (ii)drop-in replacement technology for chemical conversion. ELOXYCHEM will also optimise the process to demonstrate versatility of the process to multiple feedstocks ranging from current feedstocks and future bio-based and biogenic sources. Using AI strategies for optimisation the pilot plant will be targeted improve electrochemical performance, improve lifetime and reduce cost; prove viability of integrating with renewable energy sources considering intermittency and potential to offer demand-response flexibility; integrate process design, including materials, reactor/cell, and separation methods, from the process intensification and cost perspectives. ELOXYCHEM brings together a world-leading consortium consisting of chemical/bulk material producers, manufacturers, and universities from across Europe to addresses the expected outcomes and achieve energy consumption savings of ~60% compared with existing processes, ELOXYCHEM´s disruptive approach will help chemical industries transform their production process to reduce waste, use of harmful precursor chemicals, and become less energy intensive.


CL4-Digital, Industry and Space


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