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CL4-Digital, Industry and Space

Remanufacturing Network

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2024 - 2026

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Remanufacturing Network

In the current complex socio-economic situation, European producers face challenges posed by a growing scarcity of raw materials and goods, fluctuating costs and unpredictable delivery times. According to the EU agenda, they must contribute to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes to prevent climate change and to achieve zero carbon emissions. Thus, the only sustainable option is to rethink the Life Cycle of goods and search for new approaches to give new life to End of Life (EoL) products. Grounding on this vision, the RemaNet project aims to enable a widespread diffusion of the concepts of remanufacturing, recycling, material saving and functional upgrading by implementing a factory-integrated digital platform able to extend the remanufacturing value chain. The main project goal is to establish a new remanufacturing business model by creating a community where different actors can make available their specific know-how and contribute to any step of the remanufacturing process. To achieve this goal, multiple digital tools will be developed on the RemaNet digital platform. Horizontal tools will help matching supply and demand, also providing secure data sharing to spread the needed competences in terms of human resources or digitized formalized knowledge. Vertical tools will enable the integration of shopfloor and process data with advanced tools for monitoring, prognostics and full traceability of material and information flows as well as cutting edge remanufacturing technologies. The digital platform will provide a standard for manufacturing and re-manufacturing with an integrated and easy-to-use infrastructure fostering a reliable and secure data flow, access, and use at all levels, from shopfloor and further along the value chain. The proposed business model and digital solutions will be validated in five use cases ranging from automotive to mold and dies, and to the energy sector and its decarbonization.


CL4-Digital, Industry and Space


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