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2019 - 2022

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Hydropower as the world’s largest source of renewable energy still has a high unused potential to be explored in times of a changing global energy policy. The economic and ecological evaluation of new hydropower developments rely on a number of environmental conditions, such as key hydrological parameters. For example, the major drivers of the reservoir storage capacity over time, reservoir life time, and also a major driver of the operations costs are directly related to the sediment regime and sediment trapping. HYPOS is catalyzing innovation with an operational service for appropriate environmental and economic investment planning and monitoring based on Earth Observation (EO) technologies and modelling for the Hydropower industry. The to developed online accessible Decision Support Tool will provide essential assets for hydro power managers, planners and decision makers in their work. The subscription portal brings together high-quality satellite based measurements for historic time periods, actual current monitoring, up-to-date modelled hydrological parameters, with nowcasting on various orderable levels of detail and available in-situ data for integrated baseline and environmental impact assessments. The service significantly contributes on a trans-national as well as a global scale, with the requirement of independent, standardized and consistent information over a wide range of different water bodies and spatial scales. Substantial Blue Footprint analysis are enabled based on sophisticated and state-of-the-art algorithms and methodology featuring sustainable long-term monitoring solutions.