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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications

Tildelt: kr 11,5 mill.

COBRA aims to develop a novel Co-free Li-ion battery technology that overcomes many of the current shortcomings faced by Electrical Vehicle (EV) batteries via the enhancement of each component in the battery system in a holistic manner. The project will result in a unique battery system that merges several sought after features, including superior energy density, low cost, increased cycles and reduced critical materials. To achieve these ambitious targets we will: upgrade the electrochemical performance by focusing on Co-free cathode, advanced Si composite as anode and electrolyte/separator; cell manufacturing and testing for electrical and electrochemical performance; leverage the use of smart sensors and advanced communication to optimise the system control; battery-pack manufacturing that deliver cost-effective and environmentally sustainable battery over its lifetime. The proposed Li-ion battery technology will be demonstrated at TRL6 (battery pack) and validated it on an automotive EV testbed. The involvement of several leading organisation for battery manufacturing ensure easy adaptation to production lines and scale up to contribute to a higher market adoption while helping to strengthen Europe’s position in the field. Overall, the project includes the participation of 3 universities, 7 RTOs, 4 SMEs and 5 enterprises covering the entire value chain and strongly engaging EU battery industry.


H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport