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H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs

NB-IoT Robust Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Tildelt: kr 0,48 mill.







2019 - 2020

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Solutions for asset tracking and monitoring are mainly powered by ordinary mobile data connectivity such as 2G and 3G with high subscription and maintenance costs every year. This lack of affordability significantly decreases the number and types of assets that businesses can pay for monitoring; which especially affects SMEs and verticals with a low profit margin like waste management or construction and demolition. Consequently, they suffer usually equipment theft, loss and poor asset management. StalkIT makes asset tracking & monitoring affordable for SMEs and opens the market to new asset types, including much smaller, lower-value items. However, reliability is always a key issue for new technologies. For this reason, we have tailored our innovation for harsh environments as proof of concept for the application of our technology in other verticals. Based on the brand-new NB-IoT & LTE-M (LPWA) technologies, StalkIT is a full-stack solution formed by two ground-breaking pillars: -A robust tracking device 10 times less expensive than current offerings designed to support IoT connectivity on lower-powered mobile data networks. This allows a practically maintenance free since the battery lasts up to 10 years. Besides, it is tailored to harsh environments (Rated IP67). As such, it suits applications in the waste recycling sector. -A cloud platform which allow users have access to a monitoring software though mobile App and web portal. This includes a multi-layer map showing live and historic devices position, list of all devices sorted at customer’s preference, user administration and control and overview of all sensors.


H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs