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H20-LEIT-LEIT-ICT-Information and Communication Technologies

Advanced Mixed Realities

Tildelt: kr 4,3 mill.

The main goal of AdMiRe is to develop, validate and demonstrate innovation solutions, based on Mixed Reality (MR) technology, which will allow for TV audiences a step change in interactivity, and bring for content creators a radical improvement in talent immersion and interaction with computer generated elements. AdMiRe is focused on sectors where the lead industry partners in the consortium are key players, thus guaranteeing the impact of the innovation and the take up of the technology. At present, TV audiences can interact with the shows they are watching only through social media or HBBTV. Comments, video and audio from the audience may be incorporated into TV program formats, but this is done in such a way that viewer engagement is quite limited and there is not much potential for innovation. AdMiRe will radically change this by producing solutions that will allow viewers at home to be incorporated into the live TV program they are watching and to interact with people in the TV studio. The key innovation here is to use a regular mobile phone to capture the viewer, extract him/her from the background and finally composite the viewer into the studio footage as an MR object. As for content creators, be it in film, TV or live productions, there is an ever growing trend to combine actors and performers with computer generated objects and have them interact. But the number and difficulty of the technical challenges involved have resulted in methods and technologies of reduced scope, resulting in less engaging content. AdMiRe takes the exact opposite approach, producing authoring tools that remove the main technological obstacles and that will allow actors to be immersed in virtual environments, performers to feel at home within the space, and directors to have the opportunity to better capture emotion, all in all resulting in the possibility to create more compelling visuals and more engaging programming.


H20-LEIT-LEIT-ICT-Information and Communication Technologies