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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

Coordinating and synchronising multimodal transport improving road, rail, water and air transport through increased automation and user involvement

Tildelt: kr 23,2 mill.

The long-term vision of the ORCHESTRA is a future where it is easy to coordinate and synchronise the traffic management of all modes to cope with diverse demands and situations. Also, to facilitate optimal utilisation of transport networks and efficient multimodal transport services, both in rural and urban areas. The project will: * Establish a common understanding of multimodal traffic management concepts and solutions, within and across different modes, for various stakeholders and multiple contexts * Define a Multimodal Traffic Management Ecosystem (MTME) where traffic managements in different modes and areas (rural and urban) are coordinated to contribute to a more balanced and resilient transport system, bridging current barriers and silos * Support MTME realisation and deployments, through the provision of tools, models, and guidelines - including support for connected and automated vehicles and vessels (CAVs) * Validate and adjust MTME for organisational issues, functionality, capability, and usability * Maximise outreach and uptake of project results through strong stakeholder involvement The project will provide a Polycentric Multimodal Architecture (PMA) that specify how diverse system components collaborate and interact, taking into account smart infrastructures, technical and organisational aspects and polycentric governance. The PMA will be supported by: 1) Enabling toolkit, 2) Deployment toolkit, 3) Documented lessons learned. The project will validate the PMA and related tools and toolkits in two Living labs (in Norway and Italy), collectively covering both road, rail, water, and air transport. The Italian Living lab is focusing on traffic orchestration for the mobility of people, while the Norwegian Living lab is focusing on traffic orchestration for freight. The Living labs will be supported by simulations to enhance evaluations.


H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport