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H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs

greenREF - Development of reference standards for the analysis of chlorinated paraffins

Tildelt: kr 1,3 mill.






2021 - 2021

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Chlorinated Paraffins (CP) are considered as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP). Although the short chain CPs (SCCPs) have been banned on a global level the production of CPs is alarmingly large (2m tons/yr.). Being persistent, CPs stay in the environment for decades. Their greatest threats are their high potential for bioaccumulation and carcinogenic potential to humans and other mammals. Unfortunately, CPs are found in a great deal of applications, including plasticizers, flame retardants and metal working fluids, causing potential exposure. A significant challenge concerning CPs is the considerable lack of effective and generally accepted reference standards, which means that the identification and quantification of CPs are currently sub-standard. These deficient analytical methods do not provide the needed precision for meaningful analysis and monitoring of CP presence in e.g. water, soil and foodstuff. At Chiron we are experts in the preparation of standards for chemical and biological analysis and in the development of 13C-labelled Certified Reference Materials (CRM), especially focussed on forensic toxicology and biomarkers for various applications (e.g. environmental and geochemical analysis). We wish to use our knowledgebase to develop a CP CRM production platform which includes pure native standards, 13C labelled CPs, and new analysis methods for the quantification of CPs. This will have considerable impact within environmental toxicology by empowering analysts to provide detailed and meaningful analyses of CP presence in the environment, allowing for greater monitoring and control. Since the specific CP expertise does not currently exist in-house, Chiron will need to employ an Innovation Associate through the Innovation Associate Program, who with his/her capabilities within organic chemistry, chemical synthesis and CPs will be of essence to the R&D activities associated with the development of these new CRMs and the associated production platforms.


H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs