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H20-LEIT-LEIT-ICT-Information and Communication Technologies

Startup Driven Innovation in European Media

Tildelt: kr 3,6 mill.






2020 - 2023


STADIEM’s ambition is to boost the opportunities and foster the success of European media startups by the creation and deployment of cross border, innovation to market startup growth, development and piloting program between startups, innovation Hubs and other actors. As such STADIEM aims to solve the three key pain points in European media sector: cross border scalability, startup to corporate to market tech transfer, and availability of innovative media services in a Digital Single Market framework. STADIEM intends to break barriers in Europe, fostering stronger visibility and opportunities for startups active in the media industry. The main approach is to create a powerful network of media sandboxes and accelerators that foster the development and scale-up of future media solutions, with a focus on the integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, Cloud, IoT, VR, AR and beyond, smart objects, wearables, data analytics, AI, ... Individual objectives of the project include: Setting up a cross-border community of ecosystems that brings together four innovation hubs focused on media acceleration and achieve seamless collaboration between the hubs and their ecosystems. Develop a cross-border European market-driven media-tech framework and tools focusing on innovation product to market approach including piloting of innovative services with corporate stakeholders Open Innovation matchmaking, including launching two open calls for startups to join the 4-stage programme. Create synergies with relevant activities in Europe and worldwide, with the objective to foster awareness, and to offer improved services to startups and scaleups within the network. Create a sustainable ecosystem for startups in media and creative industries. The consortium consists of 4 media innovation hubs in Europe: VRT, Media City Bergen, StoryTek and NMA; which are reinforced by 3 strong players in community building and dissemination Martel Innovate, EBU and F6S.


H20-LEIT-LEIT-ICT-Information and Communication Technologies