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H20-FET-Future and Emerging Technologies

Wireless Brain-Connect inteRfAce TO machineS: B-CRATOS

Tildelt: kr 7,3 mill.






2021 - 2025

Wireless Brain-Connect inteRfAce TO machineS: B-CRATOS

Wireless Brain-Connect inteRfAce TO machineS: B-CRATOS:Merging novel wireless communication, neuroscience, bionics, Artificial Intelligence and sensing to create for the first time a battery-free high-speed wireless in-body communication platform for Brain-Machine-Body connectivity. Groundbreaking technological components - wireless two-way microwave fat intra-body and RF backscatter communication, battery-free powering technology, bio-inspired sensing, dexterous biomechatronic extremity- will be codesigned and a proof-of-concept, revolutionary untethered brain-machine interface will be created. This technology will have profound impact in the fields of neuroprosthetics (restoration of missing biological functions such as vision, audition, movement, sensation, movement, cognition through the bypassing damaged circuits), Brain-Computer Interfaces (brain plasticity through machine learning, gaming, virtual reality), and electroceuticals (modulation of organ function through neural circuits instead of pharmaceuticals), gaming (immersion), and Virtual Reality. B-CRATOS will overcome major challenges relating to power consumption, batteries, and data transmission bandwidth through breakthrough battery-free bidirectional wireless communication technology. The revolutionary signal bridge technology will impact healthcare, quality-of-life, and human learning and cognition. Key Enabling Technologies for this closed-loop functionality include ultra-low-power ASIC brain implants with read/write capability, battery-free in-body high-speed wireless communications systems, human-like artificial sensors and limbs.


H20-FET-Future and Emerging Technologies