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H20-HEALTH-Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Management of chronic cardiometabolic disease and treatment discontinuity in adult ADHD patients

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2021 - 2026


TIMESPAN's main objective is to advance the management of patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) and co-occurring cardiometabolic disease by improving available treatments and risk stratification. Emerging evidence points at substantial comorbidity and shared genetics between adult ADHD and cardiometabolic diseases (i.e., Obesity, Type-2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease). Inadequate treatment of cardiometabolic disease is strongly associated with premature death and substantial societal costs. National guidelines of cardiometabolic disease have stressed the importance of co-occurring psychiatric disorders. However, even though ADHD is a common (prevalence 2 to 5% in adults) and serious complex chronic condition, knowledge about appropriate management of adults with ADHD and co-occurring cardiometabolic disease is lacking. We will address the main objective using existing large-scale cohort studies and linked electronic health record databases in multiple countries with different health care systems. We also use smartphones and wearable devices to obtain novel real-time and multi-parametric measurements of ADHD medication treatment and cardiometabolic risks. The combined use of unparalleled data sources and new technologies for data collection, management, analytics will identify optimized and personalized multidisciplinary treatment approaches that minimise harm and maximise positive changes in disease prognosis and improve treatment discontinuity. TIMESPAN is expected to improve the clinical outcomes, as well as quality of life in adult ADHD patients with co-occurring cardiometabolic disease and also to also facilitates developments of new technological tools for advanced data management, monitoring and analytics for European stakeholders. TIMESPAN strategies to inform clinicians, patients, health authorities, and general public allow for a sustainable implementation of our findings (e.g. recommendations for treatment guidelines).


H20-HEALTH-Health, demographic change and wellbeing


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