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H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs

Medical grade sensor for continuous hydration monitoring and early detection of fluid imbalances.

Tildelt: kr 24,0 mill.






2021 - 2023

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Fluid disorders represent a major problem in healthcare. Especially for patients in risk of dehydration or overhydration, such as heart and renal disease patients in hospital wards or elderly population with reduced thirst and cognitive problems. Improper fluid management has important implications for patients, caregivers and economies: increase mortality, increase risk of suffering co-morbidities (infections, longer hospital stays, acute kidney injuries) and increase costs (e.g. proper hydration could lead to €1bn savings in UK per year). Current practice for fluid monitoring uses Fluid Balance Charts, which are inaccurate, incomplete, time-consuming and cumbersome to complete. Mode Sensors developed a revolutionary solution for fluid monitoring, the Re:Balans patch sensor, a non-invasive, connected, disposable and wearable sensor for remote and continuous monitoring of body hydration. Re:Balans is built 1) with robust sensor combination to meet medical level accuracy data, and 2) to be user-friendly and fit into everyday worker and patient procedures. Re:Balans will be a game-changer in the healthcare because: 1) it has better accuracy than the best-practice method in clinical settings; 2) it is cheaper and more efficient to use than current alternatives. Re:Balans will have a major impact by: 1) reducing unnecessary costs and casualties by preventing dehydration, such as co-morbidities, readmission to hospital or longer hospital stays; 2) improving doctors and nurses daily activities, substituting time-consuming measurements by automatic, remote and continuous accurate data, and 3) strengthen healthcare systems with a solution that directly addresses the EU’s challenges of ageing population, multimorbidity and healthcare worker shortages. In addition, Re:Balans successful development and commercialization through this project will significantly boost our growth with accumulated revenues and profits of €107 m and €37 m, respectively, for the 5-year post project.


H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs