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F-GEO-Naturvitenskap, geofag

The impact of Greenland's orography on airflow over the North Atlantic

Tildelt: kr 1,1 mill.

The Icelandic low is a dominating feature in the air pressure distribution in the Northe Atlantic region in wintertime. It exerts a very strong influence on the climate of Europe by bringing mild, humid air from the Atlantic towards continental Europe. Th ere are reasons to believe that many features of the Icelandic low are strongly influenced by the orography of Greenland. To date, relatively little attention has been given to orographic effects of Greenland, despite their seemingly large importance. In this project we seek to learn more about the impact of Greenland's orography on airflow in its vicinity, and in particularthe implications of this for pressure fields and cyclone developments. It is hoped that such enhanced understanding may eventually l ead to better weather forecasts in Northern Europe. The research is planned carried out in two phases: In the first phase idealized model simulations will be carried out, seeking general relationships between parameters describing the airflow, and those describing the orography. In the second phase, selected, real cases will be investigated, and the more complex flow patterns of these cases sought explained based on the knowledge obtained from the idealized experiments.


F-GEO-Naturvitenskap, geofag

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