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Variation in space and time of cod and other gadoids: the effects of climate and density dependence on population dynamics

Tildelt: kr 11,6 mill.

The proposed study focuses on basic population ecological issues. The obtained results will, however, have direct applications for management of gadoids, facilitated through the modelling work of IMR and bioeconomic modelling.The overall objective of the proposed SIP-project is, through analysis of abundance data and mathematical modelling, to improve our understanding of marine fish populations with focus on cod and other gadoids in the Skagerak (including adjacent waters).. As an integral part of this analysis, genetic markers will be used in order to detemine basic population units, and to compare this population structure with the observed ecological spatial and temporal patterns. The proposed SIP-project has a strong educational component. In addi tion, strong catalytic effects leading to further educational positions are possible.


SPPRIMÆR-Strategiske programmer til and

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