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SIP-Strategiske instituttprogram

Molecular mechanisms of importance for the development of DNA vaccines and gene theraphy

Tildelt: kr 11,3 mill.

The strategic Program on Molecular mechanisms for the development of DNA vaccines and gene therapy aims to co-ordinate research activities on DNA vaccines in veterinary medicine with human gene therapy, in order to create a local scientific minimal critic al mass. To address different basic mechanisms, a prototype DNA vaccine against infectious salmon (ISA) virus will be constructed and evaluated. In addition, a mouse model will be established for aspects of naked DNA gene therapy development and for comp arative studies on immune response mechanisms between mouse and fish. The proposed research activities include: i) Vector design, ii) DNA-ligand complexes for improved uptake and intracellular transport, iii) fusion antigens and co-expression of cytokines for improved immune response, iv) cloning of genes encoding antigens of viral fish pathogens, v) DNA(RNA may also be used) transfer to zebrafish, Atlantic salmon and mouse cells and tissues , vi) molecular and histological characterisation of antigen expression patterns, vii) non-specific and specific cellular immune mech anisms in Atlantic salmon, vii) production of biologically active serum proteins secreted from mouse skin cells after biolistic gene transfer.


SIP-Strategiske instituttprogram

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