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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer

Hydrocarbon Functionalization Mediated by Organotransition-Metal Complexes

Tildelt: kr 2,6 mill.






2001 - 2005


The vast Norwegian natural gas reserves are today mainly exported as gas. A relatively insignificant part is turned into value-added products. The project is concerned with making contributions toward the development of new processes for converting natura l gas into value-added products by use of organotransition-metal complexes. The project is an extension of earlier work on hydrocarbon activation that has been done by the Tilset group. The project will be carried out by two dr.scient candidates. Both can didates will contribute to synthesizing and characterisizing novel organometallic complexes which have a potential for activation and functionalization of alkanes in stoichiometric and catalytic reactions. This is an extension of earlier work in our group on methane activation. One candidate will work on converting the hydrocarbons into alcohols and other oxygenates. The other candidate will explore the hydrogen part of the metal-alkane actoivated complexes with hydrogen (H2) production as the ultimate go al.


RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer