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JORDBRUK-Jord, planter og husdyr

Increased seed production capacity in perennial grasses

Tildelt: kr 2,6 mill.





2001 - 2005

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Danish and Norwegian trials have indicated that seed yields of new, Norwegian grass cultivars (synthetics) tend to be lower than those of old Norwegian cultivars (seed-based populations) and foreign, more southerly adapted cultivars. The low seed yields c an limit farmers and turfkeepers access to new cultivars with improved forage or turf characteristics, and they will result in lower marked shares of Norwegian cultivars nationally and abroad. This project will find cost-effective methods for breeding fo r increasing seed yields in timothy, meadow fescue and red fescue. Work-package 1 will clarify the potential of increasing progeny seed yields on drilled plots by selecting for seed yield or specific seed yields components (in timothy for example length o r weight per inflorescence) of single plants in greenhouse paircrosses or outdoor polycrosses. In the dual induction grasses meadow fescue and red fescue the potential of improving seed yield byselecting genotypes with shorter primary induction requiremen ts will also be explored. In work-package 2 an already existing mapping family will be used to locate genes for flower induction requirements, seed yield and seed yield components in meadow fescue. Genetic markers and linkage groups that can be useful in selection for these criteria will be identified and aligned to the consensus cereal linkage groups. A new mapping family that segregate for primary induction requirements will be generated on the basis of results from work-package 1.


JORDBRUK-Jord, planter og husdyr

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