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BEMATA-Beregningsorientert matematikk i anv.

GI4PDE - Geometric Integration for Partial Differential Equations

Tildelt: kr 2,9 mill.

Geometric Integration is an interdisciplinary area of research which is applying modern abstract geomterical ideas within numerical solution of differential equations. Situated in the intersection between pure and applied mathematics, computer science and mathematical physics, it is an activity which in the recent years in a remarkable way has combined ideas from these different fields and turned them into tools of computational mathematics. Centre for Advanced Studies (SHS) at the Norwegian Academy of Sc iences in Oslo has chosen the project Geometric and Coordinate Free Methods in Computational Science as the topic of research in natural sciences for the academic year 2002-2003. The purpose of this project is to support Norwegian research in geometric and cooordinate free methods applied to partial differential equations, before during and after the year at SHS. The project has the following main components: - One Post.Doc and one Ph.D. scholarship for 2001-03. - Support to international workshops in Norway during the SHS year - Development of computer software to support geometric and abstract concepts in computational science. - Cooperation with leading UK projects on PDEs, geometry, numerical and symbolic computations.


BEMATA-Beregningsorientert matematikk i anv.

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