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SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Future animal breeding goals. Product development in aquaculture and livestock productions

Tildelt: kr 9,6 mill.

Definition of sound animal breeding goals requires a strong theoretical basis in quantitative genetics and applied animal breeding, proper medelling of animal production, good knowledge about farm economics, awareness of social aspects, and appropriate as sumptions on future production systems and markets. The program takes as a starting point the combined interest of breeding organisations (competitiveness), individual producers (socially and economically viable) and consumers (product quality end ethical standards). New theory and methodoligies will be developed within the four key items mentional in section (3) and then applied for the derivation of economic weights for breeding goal traits in Norwegian Atlantic salmon and dairy cattle breeding programm es. Competence will be build with a strong co-operation between animal science, economics and social sciences, and between research institutions, universities and breeding organisations. This competence is crucial for solving other problems within an econ omic framwork of genetic improvement programmes and to offer research-based education within this area. Two doctoral theses will be produced.


SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

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