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MATPROG-Matprogrammet: Norsk mat fra sjø og land

Predictive model synthesis of plant-insect interactions

Tildelt: kr 12,6 mill.

We want to study plant-insect interactions and to identify plant genes involved in defence against insects and plant produced chemicals attracting or repelling insects. Herbivory represents billions of kroner in crop losses and gains every year, and envir onmental and health problems due to the extensive use of pesticides used for control of pest development. Herbiovorous activity lead to changes in plant gene expression profiles and changed chemical profiles. By coming results and data from plant function al genomics, population genetics, insect electrophysiology biology, computational science, bioinformatics, mathematical modelling and public databases we aim towards identification of genes and products of importance for the contact between plants and ins ects. An important part of this investigation will be the production and use of a DNA microarray with 1000 or more defence related genes. Together with chemical analyses this DNA microarray will be used to compare expression profile and determine differen ces/changes in relatively expression level/profiles between plants (populations) and with and without herbivore or abiotic induced stress. The results might be of direct practical use, and will identify targets for traditional breedi ng and biotechnology.


MATPROG-Matprogrammet: Norsk mat fra sjø og land

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