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OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

Spatial and temporal variability of currents and transport of warm waters towards the Nordic Seas

Tildelt: kr 1,2 mill.




2001 - 2004


The proposed program to measure currents, temperature, sanility and CO2 across the North Atlantic between the Orkney (UK) and Cape Farewell (Greenland) spans all warm waters flowing north in what is known as the global termohaline circulation (popularly k nown as the Conveyor Belt). While the general structure of the North Atlantic Ocean is reasonably well-known, knowledgeof the currents and their variability is severely lacking. The proposed program will address these issues directly. The observations wil l be made with an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP), a thermo-salinograph and a CO2-proble on the Nuka Arctica, a container vessel that operates on a three week schedule between Denma rk and Greenland. With this instrument and accurate GPS navigati on, upper ocean currents can be obtained to an absolute accuracy of a few cm/s, as is done routinely on other fast-moving vessels. An initial four years program is proposed so that a pictur e of the annual cycle and a roposed so that a pic tur measure of the inter-annual variability of the upper ocean circulation can be obtained. Understanding these in relation to the overlying atmospheric forcing is of fundamental climate interest. The project will be based at the University of Bergen and th e data will be made public as soon as they are processed. iversity of Bergen and th


OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

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