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OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

Snow Parameter Retrieval from Remote Sensing data for Improved Monitoring and Management of Water Resources. SnowMan

Tildelt: kr 8,1 mill.

We will improve the understanding of how satellite-measured microwaves and light interact with snow cover in mountainous areas and, thereby, develop new and improved algorithms for snow parameter retrieval. The main parameters are snow water equivalent, s now cover area, snow wetness, albedo and snow surface temperature. A multisensor and multitemporal approach is also applied in order to utilise the complementary sensor characteristics of optical and radar data. The methods will in particular be suitable for RADARSAT, Terra-1's MODIS, MISR and ASTER sensor, ENVISAT's ASAR, MERIS and AATSR. New methods for inclusion of the remote-sensing derived snow parameters in a lumped (HBV) and distributed (ECOMAG) hydrological model will be developed. The updated m odels will be verified and demonstrate in real time in a semi-operational environment using both a lumped and a distributed hydrological model. The SnowMan consortium consists of acknowledged experts in remote sensing and hydrology and has access to remo te sensing dataset and in situ data acquired as part of several previous experiments (EMAC'95, ERS AO, ADRO, DAIS) and future data from an accepted ENVISAT AO proposal.


OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

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