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OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

Monitoring the Norwegian Coastal Zone Environment (MONCOZE)

Tildelt: kr 9,9 mill.

Currently major deficiencies exist in our ability to understand and describe the variability of the Norwegian Coastal Current and its influence on the marine environment, locally as well as downstream. In this project we will therefore implement, validate , test and demonstrate a system dedicated to monitor and describe physical and coupled physical-biochemical processes within the coastal zone such as mesoscale and submesoscale current variability, plankton growth and decay, and transport of contaminents. In so doing three main workpackages are defined: -Implementation of monitoring system; - Validation and interpretation of monitoring system; and - Pilot demonstration of monitoring system. There are strong two-ways links between each of these workpackage s. As such, the final version of the monitoring system will be a trimmed, but robust tool that will deliver quality products and information. Although MONCOZE is tailored to specific needs associated with coastal ocean monitoring


OVERVÅK-Overvåkn.av marine/terrestr.s.

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