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High Pressure Gas SEparation (HiPGaS)

Tildelt: kr 7,0 mill.

143992 The development on the Norwegian continental shelf moves towards smaller fields where more cost effective solutions must be found. The vision is to do all gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation sub-sea, i.e. a total high pressure separation concept. Th e aim of the proposed programme is to provide the basis for the high pressure gas/liquid separation part of a total sub-sea separation concept. The project is divided into eight main tasks that interact with each other. To each task is associated one dr .ing fellowship. The tasks are: a) Experimental characterization of fluid parameters in real systems b) Non-equilibrium processes associated with high pressure gas separation c) Modelling of interfaces, stability, wetting and rheology d) Modelling of dispersed systems, coalescence and break-up of droplets and liquid films e) Experimental characterization of mechanisms for droplet deposition, re-entrainment and coalescence in high pressure gas/water/oil systems f) Experimental characterization of high pressure multiphase flow in relevant geometries g) Fluid dynamic modelling of high pressure gas/liquid separation, droplet deposition and re-entrainment h) Development of equipment for qantitative determination of relevant parameters The execution of the project is a collaboration between CMR, UiB, SINTEF, NTNU and Statoil, but all partners will contribute with their expertise


PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver

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