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The construction of an Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) BAC library

Tildelt: kr 8,0 mill.

Genome project in farm animals aim at identifying genes or areas of the genome responsible for traits of economic importance in order to implement this into breeding and management of the genetic resources. The challenge for the future is to be able to ut ilise the information that accumulates in genomic research and to deduce genetic function for sequenced genes. Even after sequencing a total genome understanding of gene function and how genes interact remai ns to be deduced. function and ho w genes interact remai The proposed project will construct a high quality, well characterised BAC-library resource. Such a resource is of crucial importance when sequencing large areas in the genome and will supplement the ongoing Salmon Genome Project. Sequencing in Atlantic salmon is very challenging since the salmon genome has undergone duplication in relatively recent evolutionary time and therefor show residual tetraploidity. Although many genes have been extinguished after the duplication event the fact that areas of the genom is duplicated in an almost identical manner poses problems for aligning sequences, since a particular sequence can align to two physically nearly identical entities. In order to help resolving the p roblem of aligning sequences when larger areas of the salmon genome is sequenced a well characterised BAC library is of crucial importance. Building a physical map consisting of overlapping BAC clones will ensure that all regions are uniquely identified.


SIPFOND-Strategiske programmer finansiert av forskningsfond

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