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BIOT2000-Bioteknologi 2000

Biotechnology of intraterrestrial microorganisms

Tildelt: kr 1,6 mill.

Using North Sea oil field production waters as a source of anaerboc thermophilic microorganisms, novel thermophiles able to grow on protein-rich waste meterials and efficiently convert it to hydrogen gas will be isolated and charcterized. The ultimategoal is to isolate organisms that can produce large amounts of hydrogen gas in anaerobic digestor tanks against a high partial hydrogen pressure for the utilization of hydrogen gas as an alternative energy carrier. Sulfur-matabolizing anaerobes with capabilit y to desulfurize used rubber materials will also be enriched, isolated and characterized, as well as thermophiles producing thermostable hydrolytic enzymes that can be used for degradation of natural polymers such as proteins, xylan and cellulose. Select ed thermostable enzymes will be isolated and characterized.


BIOT2000-Bioteknologi 2000


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