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SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Diagnosis of parasitic diseases and zoonoses in terrestrial animals and fish, utilizing polymerase chain reaction and conventional methods

Tildelt: kr 18,8 mill.

Project summaryIn order to increase competance and establish conventonal and molecular biological methods for diagnosis of parasitis disease in farmed and wild animals, including fish, a strategic program is planned. The Molecular Biology Unit at NVI, whi ch is close to being operative, builds a significant basis for the programme. The programme is composed of six separate projects:· Project 1: Cryptosporidium and Giardia infections in Norwegian cervids.· Project 2: Coccidiosis in poultry· Project 3: The r ole of Neospora caninum as a cause of abortion in Norwegian cattle· Project 4: Trichinella and Echinococcus multilocularis infections in Norwegian red foxes· Project 5: Genetic studies of diplomonad flagellates from fish· Project 6: Host use and infection strategic of Caligus elongates.


SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

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