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SIPNMATR-SIP-NHD Materialforskning

Plasma Production of Materials (PPM)

Tildelt: kr 13,2 mill.

The use of the high temperature plasma regime opens for unique product and process development by providing process conditions not achiveable by other technologies, and the SINTEF plasma torch is the only known torch that can operate in hydrogen. The prop osed program is aimed at a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical and electric conditions in and around a DC or AC plasma arc with currents varying from some hundred amperes up to 150 kA. The main research areas are: - Processes and products (manufacture of materials related to hydrogen storage, solar energy, membranes) - Plasmatorch design for specific purposes - Modelling of DC/AC arcs. The main strategies are: - Apply generic know-how of mass and heat transfer and high temperature process design in combination with our specific competence on thermal plasma technology, which has been developed through a long lasting co-operation with national and international r esearch groups and industries for the manufature of both bulk- and advanced materials. - Generate a symbiosis effect between adjacent technologies, to enhance the development and reneval of our process and materials science based industry.


SIPNMATR-SIP-NHD Materialforskning


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