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PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

Mobile and Channel Integrating Electronic Commerce - Business Models and Enduser Adoption

Tildelt: kr 3,4 mill.

A large-scale deployment of 3G mobile networks is now taking place in Europe. It is assumed that 3G services will change business processes, work processes, and consumer behavior. Most of these changes are considered positive both for industry efficiency and public welfare. To obtain this, mobile end-user services must get widespread adoption. This project focuses on business strategic aspects on the supply side and behavioral aspects on the end-users demand side. Three sub-projects are defined. The bus iness strategic sub-project focuses on effective organization of value chain activities into business models of the players that determines the adoption of technology and service platforms for end-user services. Two sub-projects study the demand side. One sub-project studies the current stage of mobile commerce service adoption and refines a behavioral framework for understanding end-user adoption. The other sub-project uses experimental methodology to analyze the adoption of channel integrating and media ting services in mobile commerce. The results of the sub-projects are integrated into an adoption framework that may be used by industry players for adoption evaluation and development of new service models. The project shall deliver project reports, mag azine articles, academic articles and workshops. A forum will be set up for joint development of service, business, and behavior models among project partners.


PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

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