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SKOGEN-Skog-ressurser og verdiskaping

Utilisation of forest biomass in Norway - ecological and socioeconomical sustainability

Tildelt: kr 1,5 mill.





2002 - 2005


A substantial increase in renewable energy in Norway has to use a significant amount of wood-based biomass from conventional forests. This project provides knowledge about sustainable utilisation of wood based biomass for energy purposes in Norway and nei ghbouring countries Some new field research is done to fill knowledge gaps. New insights will also be gained through comparative research and modelling. Environmental effects as nutrient vulnerability, wood ash handling, biodiversity and insect pests are quantified and will be costed using benefit-cost analysis. Policy measures to promote bioenergy will be analysed and compared in the participating countries. The project is a joint effort where leading researchers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, E stonia, Latvia and Lithuania participate. Based on the results from the biolocical and socio-economic working parties, operational level management guidelines for sustainable utilisation of wood-based biomass from conventional forests for energy are devel oped. The results are also used, in co-operation with national stakeholders, to produse national as well as regional (EU and Pan-European) policy recommendations for the further development of sustainable forest management in Europe an d for achieving wan ted goals on the use of wood-based biomass for energy. The project is partly financed by EU. The project does not imply any ethical problems or use of sensitive data. Analysis of environmental consequences are an important part of the p roject. lysis of environmental consequences are an important part of the p


SKOGEN-Skog-ressurser og verdiskaping

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