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SUPNKOMP-SUP-NHD Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

Extreme Wave Load Effects in Sea Structures

Tildelt: kr 6,0 mill.

The project is organised in the following two principal activities : - hydrodynamic modelling of non-linear wave-induced loads and motions. This includes ? hydrodynamic models for strongly nonlinear free surface-body interaction considering finite amplitude wave-induced motions and structural loads, water entry/exit, run-up on vertical surfaces, green water effects, sloshing for ships and platforms in inta ct and damaged condition - probabilisictic modelling of non-linear wave-induced loads and structural load effects. This includes ? modelling of extreme events – considering combination for steady-state and transient noninear effects, for single as well as multiple load effects. Extreme conditions for intact as well as damaged structures will be considered. ? modelling of cyclic stresses considering local and global nonlinearities due to finite wave variation, slamming or sloshing as well as global nonlinear loads, and possible hydroelastic effects in the load effects. Accurate analytical and numerical methods together with simplified design-oriented approaches will be established and validated against extensive laboratory experiments.


SUPNKOMP-SUP-NHD Andre nasjonalt viktige kompetansefelt

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