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SIP-Strategiske instituttprogram

Improvement of Wood Durability using preservatives derived from Natural Norwegian Self Sustainable Sources

Tildelt: kr 14,1 mill.

Wood is biodegradable which makes it an environmentally friendly material. However, this is often limiting service-life of wooden constructions and protective treatment of the wood is thus often required. Preservation of wood using several types of fungic ides is nowadays facing environmentally concerns. Traditionally wood preservation methods like CCA or creosote have dominated the market for impregnated wood in Norway. Restrictions in the use of CCA treated wood used above ground is proposed. Thus a sear ch for other protection agent less hazardous have gained interest. These are expected to have greatest potential for wood used above the ground (hazard class 3). On the basis of literature surveys and own pilot studies it is concluded that chitosan and ta ll oil is promising for further investigations for developing environmentally friendly wood protection in hazard class 3. The project started this year and has until now, mainly focused on making a "state of the art" as a platform for propo ing a research project within this field. 1)Prof. Dr. H. Militz at the university of Göttingen will act as the Scientific Project Manager and Mr Simen Gjølsjø will act as an Administrative Project Manager.


SIP-Strategiske instituttprogram

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