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PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

Polcorridor Logchain Study

Tildelt: kr 13,1 mill.

The POLCORRIDOR LOGCHAIN study shall create a new Trans-European freight shipment network from several transport-and-freight supply sub-systems, aud validate this new freight supply solution commercially. The new freight supply system will consist of 1) A sea-land connection between Poland and the Nordic conntries, 2) an international shuttle train through Poland, The Czech Republie aud Austria with a side-link to Hungary, 3) an overland and inland waterway connection through Austria to countries in south ern aud south Eastern Europe. The study's research area shall cover the following countries of freigbt shipments, destinations and freight transit: Finland, Norway, Swe den, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary,Slovakia, Romania, B ulgaria the Balkan region aud the northern Greece. The POLCORRIDOR Freight Supply system shall consist of the southbound aud northbound feeder links aud a Trans-European Rail Trunk Line - The Blue Shuttle Train. The southbound link will emerge from conso lidation of cargo incoming by ferries and/or short-sea liners from the Norway aud Sweden to Szczecin Siwnoujscie (Poland) inter-modal logistical centre. Subsequently, a shuttle train through Poland aud the Czech Repubique will haul the cargo to Vienna (Au stria). From there, cargo going to Romania, Bulgaria, the Balkan countries and Northern Greece will be carried by MAV to Budapest (Hungary) sub-hub. This cargo will be forwarded to final national destinations after being handled there. At the same time, c argo destined to Northern Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia will be handled at Vienna logistical hub aud then re-distributed to given national terminals.The northbound link will emerge from consolidating the cargo coming from Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Balkan countrie The Trans-European Rail Trunk Line - The Blue Shuttle Train will be organised as an enterprise run jointly by the Polish State Railways, PKP-CARGO SA, the Czech Railways (CD) and the Autrian Federal Railways Cargo Division (OBB) in c ollaboration with the Hungarian State Railways MAV. The venture will utilise the abundance of existing track infrastructure and rolling stock for operating high-speed, high-freqency and high-precision shuttle trains, in norther, souhthern, eastern and wes tern directions.


PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk