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BIOBIOT-Biologi, bioteknologi, Mat. Nat.

Mechanisms of species co-existence in patchy habitats

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2002 - 2004


1. An experimental study will be conducted for testing some general mechanisms hypothesized to promote of co-existence of competing species in patchy habitats. As our model system we will use two small rodent species (the field vole and the root vole) wit h well-known population biology. However, the geographic distribution pattern of the two species in Europe is peculiar and poorly understood and one of our goals will be to investigate the role of inter-specific competition in combination with predation a nd habitat quality as possible determinants of their large-scale distribution patterns. The experiment will have a multi-factorial design as to evaluate the different mechanisms simultaneously and thereby be able to test for biologically interactive effec ts between the mechanisms. This experiment will significantly advance the study of inter -specific competition in general and train the postdoc candidate in advanced experimental designs and analysis. 2. A multi-annual data set from an observational study of the spatiotemporal dynamics of the two species in a natural habitat mosaic will be analyzed. This study will be complimentary to the experiment in the sense that the interaction between the field v ole and the root vole will be explored at the larger spatial and a longer temporal scale. 3. Through collaboration with Dr. David Lindenmayer's group at the Center for Resource and Environmental studies in Canberra, Australia, learn methods of spetially explicit modeling of community and population dynamic sby applying such methods on the data set from the observational study. by applying such methods on the data


BIOBIOT-Biologi, bioteknologi, Mat. Nat.


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