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KOSK-Katalyse og organisk syntetisk kjemi

Metal Complex Catalysis in Conversion of Natural Gas to Value-Added Products

Tildelt: kr 1,5 mill.

Today, Norwa's natural gas resources are mainly exported as is, with only a minor part being processed domestically into value-added products. This project is aimed at the development of economically and ecologically improved processes for converting natu ral gas into such products by use of metal complex catalysis. Through earlier projects, collaboration has been established between the group of Professor Tilset at the University of Oslo and our department at SINTEF. This interaction between the academia and institute sectors, as well as between experimental and quantum chemical approaches, has proved highly fruitful, and we expect to employ it to its full potential in the present project. The project is centered on two main areas: 1. Dr.Scient. candidate working mainly at the UiO, on synthesis and characterisation of organometallic complexes which are interesting catalyst candidates for functionalisation of alkanes (scholarship has already been granted by NFR to Mats Tilset, UiO). 2. Testing of promising catalysts from the above research, using a catalyst testing rig built at SINTEF, under a variety of conditions. This work will mainly be performed by a post doc.


KOSK-Katalyse og organisk syntetisk kjemi

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