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PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

Creole - Internationalization of Knowledge Firms

Tildelt: kr 11,5 mill.

Hovedprosjektet ble avsluttet 1.4.2005. Stipendiatene fortsetter som aktivitet. Opprinnelig mål for prosjektet: 1. To establish frameworks for understanding the cultural aspects imperative in international business operations and knowledge work, whos e importance has been accentuated through the processes of globalization and the increasing focus on knowledge in organizations, and highlighted through the growth in practices of new corporate ventures, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and mergers an d acquisitions. 2. To develop methods for enabling knowledge work associated with the international fields described in clause 3 below. 3. To develop a "living" cross-border company arena for experience exchange and mutual fertilization. 4. To develop "si tuated support systems" with the aid of ICT, and test in practice these tools for enabling distributed cooperative knowledge work. 5. To cultivate a strong European research community on the themes selected, and disseminate results in journal publicatio ns and through other media forms and formats (described in Part 2).


PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk