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PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk

Quality assured content management (QCM) - knowledge aggregation and sharing related to QCM-processes

Tildelt: kr 5,1 mill.





2003 - 2006



The range of competencies needed within the graphical industry has undergone a major expansion over the last 10-15 years. At the same time the core competencies of the traditional graphical sector remains central in efficient information development and e xchange the technical skills of visual communication. the structural skills of paper-based and eleetronie publishing as well as the process skills and tradition for quality assurance. New technology has lowered the barriers of entry for new players in the market for graphical services, and a wider definition of the sector is establishing itself in all areas: from content creation and layout, to content administration and distribution. In this situation, it becomes necessary to ensure that the media content and materials produced and exchanged amongst actors retain their inherent quality throughout the value chain, and that the content production and management processes remain as well integrated as possible. Given this background the project has two primary objectives: - to develop theoretical and technological artifaets which target the domain of Quality assured Content Management (QCM) - to facilitate, spread and Leverage knowledge about this new core competence, in order to support and strengthen Norwegian media industries.


PULS-Tjenesteyting, handel og logistikk