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F-KJEM-Naturvitenskap, kjemi

Resonance Raman and Infrared Marker Bands of Metallocorroles as a Probe of Molecular and Electronic Structure

Tildelt: kr 1,7 mill.

1. To develop an extensive body of systematics on structure-frequency correlations for metallocorroles, similar to what is available today for porphyrins. 2. To appoint a postdoctoral associate, highly trained in Raman spectroscopy, and thereby further enhance our comptence in this area. 3. To purchase a modem FT-IR spectrometer, to complement our Raman studies. 4. To purchase a diamond anvil cell for high-pressure JR measurements The work will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Tom Spiro (Princeton University, USA) and the bioinorganic group in Tromsø.


F-KJEM-Naturvitenskap, kjemi

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