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SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

Development of a co-ordinated research programme into food allergen identification, quantification, modification and in vivo responses

Tildelt: kr 11,8 mill.

There are increasing concerns in the area of food allergy. More specific knowledge is needed with regard to foods and components of food that induce allergic reactions and the mechanisms that explain how these reactions are generated and sustained. This p rogramme will therefore establish an animal model for food allergic reactions, and study how various kinds of food-treatment influence allergy. Improved methods for measuring allergens in food products and improved diagnostic procedures for food allergic patients will be developed. This will be achieved by a multidisciplinary cooperative network including experts in food chemistry, nutrition, immunology and clinical allergology


SIP-PRIM-SIP - primærnæringsinstitutter

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