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F-GEO-Naturvitenskap, geofag

The Scandinavian pattern. Low-frequency atmospheric variability and autumn/winter rainfall in Norway

Tildelt: kr 1,7 mill.

Teleconnection in the atmosphere are coherent large-scale patterns of variation in climate fields (eg pressure, temperature and preciptation). These are vital for understanding regional climate variability since they influence both the location and intens ity of the major jet streams and associated storm tracks. They have proved useful in many applications: for evaluation of general circulation models, for studying interaction between the ocean and atmosphere and as proxies for weather variability when obs ervations are scarce. This project focuses in two papers on teleconnections in the Euro-Atlantic region and their role for regional climate variability. In the first paper their usefulness for explaining variability in extratropical storminess iss assess ed. It is found that several teleconnection patterns, in addition to the well known North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), are important factors for storminess in this region. The second paper studies the dynamical and stratical properties of the East Atlanti c Pattern (EAP). This teleconnection represents pulsation of the major North Atlantic jet stream. As such it is discovered to be a significant factor in particular for storminess and precipitation over southern parts of Britain and France and temperature over western and central Europe. In addition, a relationship between the EAP and storminess on both the western and eastern side of Greenland is discovered.


F-GEO-Naturvitenskap, geofag

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