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SUPOPETR-SUP-OED Petroleumssektor

Improved overburden and reservoir characterization combining seismics and rock physics

Tildelt: kr 15,8 mill.

Overburden effects are often neglected in both exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The project consists of four main acivities focused on the description of and correction for overburden shales and sands, resulting in improved reservoir imaging an d characterization. 1. Acoustic properties of shales. Through laboratory measurements of seismic parameters and detailed mineralogical and petrophysical characterization, we will establish how seismic parameters of overburden rocks vary with porosity and mineralogy. 2. Improved imaging of reservoir rocks using overburden velocity models. This activity will focus on methods for estimating the overburden background model (to be used in seismic processing), improved imaging and estimation of reservoir parameters. 3. Overburden correction and calibration of AVO-fluid prediction methods and time-lapse repeability forecasting. Detailed studies on how seismic amplitudes at reservoir level are influenced by overburden distortions, both for conventional and repeated sei smic data will be stuied. 4. Production-induced changes in stress, pore pressure and rock properties may be predicted from geomechanics and observed from time lapse seismic. 4D seismic methods are non-unique in separating between different stress related effects. Through a geomech anical approach we intend to reduce this non-uniqueness.


SUPOPETR-SUP-OED Petroleumssektor