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F-GEO-Naturvitenskap, geofag

An integrated magnetic and isotopic reference stratigraphy for the past 75 kyr at ODP Leg 202 Site 1233

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2004 - 2006

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This proposal seeks support to develop an ultra high resolution, benthic foraminiferal oxygen isotope record for the last 75 kyr in order to provide independent chronologic constraints for magnetic field secular variation and paleointensity records genera ted in the same sediments. Despite their proven utility, foraminiferal <.delta><sup>18</sup>O records cannot be generated in many sequences that contain invaluable paleoenvironmental archives (e.g. lacustrine sediments). Fortunately, many of these same se diments are excellent records of geomagnetic field variability. Recent work on sediment paleointensity suggest that paleomagnetic field intensity variations may provide a valuable tool for global correlation and chronostratigraphy down to millennial timescales. Unfortunately, very few ultra high sedimentation rate sit es exist where both isotopic and paleomagnetic records can be generated. Utilizing a remarkable sediment sequences recently cored by ODP (Site 1233) we now have the unique opportunity to anchor some of the highest resolution records of paleomagnetic field behaviour ever realized in the Southern Hemisphere using a marine oxygen isotope and carbon dated chronology. The outcome will be a reference record which can be used for regional and global correlation. Ultimately this work sets the foundation for improving our understanding of the timing and rate of geologic, and environmental changes in the past.


F-GEO-Naturvitenskap, geofag

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