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F-KJEM-Naturvitenskap, kjemi

Synthetic and theoretical studies of N-confused porphyrins: A search for new ligands and coordination chemistry

Tildelt: kr 3,8 mill.

N-confused porphyrins are a class of porphyrin isomers which have been known for almost a decade, being first isolated as by-products of one-pot porphyrin syntheses. They are known for the remarkable ease with which they form organometallic complexes. We plan to investigate a number of synthetic and electronic-structural aspects N-confused porphyrins, as listed below: 1. Only a handful of different N-confused porphyrin ligands have been isolated, most of them closely related to N-confused meso-tetraphenylporphyrin. Why? Is this because other systems have not been investigated or because such investigations have failed? Our hope is to synthesize a variety of different meso-substituted N-confused porphyrins with “tuneable” electronic properties. 2. Second, relatively few high-valent transition metal N-confused porphyrin complexes are known, e.g. Mn(IV), Fe(IV), Ru(IV) and other high-valent middle transition metal complexes are unknown. We hope to develop this broad area. 3. The electronic structures of transition metal N-confused porphyrins remain essentially unexplored by theoretical methods. We hope to carry out a comprehensive study of the relevant issues.


F-KJEM-Naturvitenskap, kjemi

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