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IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

High Accuracy Location for handheld terminals

Tildelt: kr 6,0 mill.

The HALO (High Accuracy Location for handheld terminals) project is a joint project between NTNU, Kongsberg Seatex AS, Radionor AS, Telenor Mobil and Telenor R&D. The project addresses technology for obtaining a position with accuracy in the range of 3 me ters both indoors and outdoors for mobile commercial available terminals. The project aims to exploit technology and experiences from both telecom and the maritime information technology obtain this goal. The project proposes on a layered architecture wi th a framework for integration and enhancement of location sensing technologies. For indoor environments the project aims to evaluate smart antenna technology for use in GSM and UMTS networks. For out-door environments the project will assess A-GPS wi th activities related to accuracy and reliability in difficult surroundings with theoretical analyses and field trials. Combinations of network based methods and A-GPS and the impact of Galileo will be studied. A demonstrator will be built as a proof-of- the-concept. This demonstrator shall demonstrate a service requiring high accuracy positioning both in indoor and outdoor environments.


IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

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