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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

ZENG - Zero Emission Norwegian Gas R&D Project Activities for period 2004 - 2005

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2004 - 2006



The objective of the ZENG R&D projects is to provide sufficient confidence in the oxy-fuel power cycle developed by the company Clean Energy Systems Inc. (CES), so that a Norwegian consortium will by 2006 have the necessary technology and economic basis t o seriously entertain an investment decision on a proposed 40 MWe demonstration plant, to be operational at the Energy Park, nr. Stavanger some time during 2008. Furthermore, prior to such an investment decision for a demonstration plant, it most also be highly likely that a subsequent investment decision--on a "fully commercial" 400 MWe power plant--can be envisaged before the end of 2010. (This schedule would be in line with the conclusions endorsed by the Norwegian Gas Technology Committee in October 2002.) Such goals require a detailed focus on the following R&D activities: i) Clarification regarding the current cycle performance using available off-the-shelf components. Confirmation of current "Base Case" capex cost (~ $2000 /kW) and performance (~38% efficiency). Detailed screening of current technology status and next level of potential improvements compared with state-of-the-art. ii) Detailed assessment of near- and medium-term cycle optimisation using re-heat and integration with commercial ly available gas turbines. This entails close and constructive dialogue + R&D with interested technology providers and OEM's. iii) Improved cycle performance through the use of emerging technology for application of dense ceramic Mixed oxygen ion and ele ctron Conducting Membranes (MCM). Research on MCM's has been ongoing for many years at Norsk Hydro Research Center, Porsgrunn, and it is envisaged that this could provide a valuable additional optimisation of the CES-cycle. iv) Detailed assessment of th e specific challenges for a Norwegian location with respect to CO2-handling, -transportation and potential commercial use of the CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or alternatively sequestration.


CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

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