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KREFTSATS-Særutlysning kreftmidler, historikk

Early life factors and adult cancer risk

Tildelt: kr 4,8 mill.

In this proposal, we describe three separate studies. First, in a cohort study of more than 35,000 men and women born between 1920 and 1958, we propose to use historical data from birth records to study the association between perinatal factors (primaril y birth weight and birth length) and risk for several specified cancers (e.g. breast, cervix, prostate, colorectum). Second, in another cohort study of nearly 30,000 pregnant women, we will explore how pregnancy factors measured in maternal blood during pregnancy may predict the occurrence of preeclampsia in the mother. Thereby, we hope to advance our understanding of how preeclampsia is related to reduced risk for breast cancer both in the mother, and in her female offspring. Third, using linked data between women who have been recorded at delivery to the Medical Birth Registry and data on cancer incidence recorded by the Norwegian Cancer Registry, we propose to study the association between perinatal factors of the offspring (birth weight, birth len gth) and other pregnancy factors (length of gestation, pregnancy complications, e.g. preeclampsia) and subsequent risk for hormone related cancer (breast, ovary, endometrium, cervix) and colorectal cancer in the mother.


KREFTSATS-Særutlysning kreftmidler, historikk

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