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IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

Component architecture support for real-time distributed multimedia computing

Tildelt: kr 1,5 mill.

This post doc project is within the domain of Quality of Service in component architectures. The main contribution of the project is to develop knowledge through experimentation on how general purpose QoS aware component architectures may support the app lication domain of real-time multimedia computing. Furthermore, the project will develop and test reusable QoS driven service planning patterns and algorithms for this domain. The application domain of real-time multimedia computing is challenging and is considered important by the international research community. The research method is to prototype and experimentally evaluate the results. The main results will be delivered in form of publications in conferences and journals. Additionally, the softwar e developed in the project will be released as open source. The post doc candidate has acquired good knowledge in research fields related to this project as part of his Dr. Scient. work.


IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

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