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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer

Distribution 2020 - Fault Handling and Distributed Generation in MV Networks

Tildelt: kr 12,0 mill.

The tasks of this project focuses on the two main challenges for the future power distribution system. These are fault handling to ensure reliable power supply of sufficient quality, and handling of distributed power generation. Both should be done at low est possible cost at the same time as all regulations and requirements concerning quality and safety are fulfilled. In both tasks protection schemes and efficient utilization of available information and technical possibilities is important. The most extensive task of this project is to develop efficient methods for fault handling that ensures high security in power supply and power quality. To be able to handle faults in an efficient way several conditions must be met. The protection equipm ent must have adequate working conditions, the signals sent to the protection equipment must be a true representation of the primary signal, the equipment itself must not introduce errors, information in the system should be utilized to localize faults, a utomation and remote control should be introduced. The project will address all of these topics through subtasks in the main task “Fault handling”. A PhD study is planned within the fault handling area. The second task is to define methods and criteria for safe integration and utilization of distributed generation, feeding directly into the distribution network. As distributed generation is expected to be integrated in the distribution network in relativ ely large scale in the future, it is important that technical challenges from the utility point of view are investigated and problems (voltage stability, protection and generated power fluctuations) solved. Focus in this task will be to analysis necessary requirements regarding technical solutions and components. In fault situations distributed generation may be used for supplying part of the customers that otherwise would be without supply. There are several topics that need to be addressed in connection with such controlled island operation. Amongst these are requirements for the production units, possibilities for voltage and frequency control, setting of protection equipment in island mode, transition to and from island mode and p


RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer