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PSYKISK-Psykisk helse

The Bergen Child Study. Diagnostic stability and prognosis of mental health problems in children from early to late primary school

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This study (Wave 2;W2 of the Bergen Child study) consists of a two-step procedure, where children (at the time they are 10-12 year olds), will be screened on the same items as in Wave1 of the Bergen Child study, but also including a series of items on mil estones in pubertal development. All screen-positive children from the screening in W2 and the children who were found to be cases in W1 will be invited to take part in the DAWBA interview in W2, which will be the diagnostic instrument in the follow-up s tudy. One of the purposes of the study is to examine the psychological impact of puberty, which will address in estimates of prevalence of mental health problems in children across the two time periodes. Specifically, the W2 of the BCS will address the question of onset of puberty is associated with increased in rates of mental health problems. In addition the study will address question related to prognosis of mental health problems in children: To what exent is a diagnosis during childhood (W1) and early puberty (W2) associated with the likelihood of receiving a diagnosis (same or different) during adolescence and adulthood.


PSYKISK-Psykisk helse

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