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IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

Overseas fellowship for Eirik Rosnes

Tildelt: kr 0,23 mill.

We apply for an overseas fellowship for Eirik Rosnes. The main goal is to do research at a high international level, produce journal publications, and strengthen contacts with world-leading experts in the fields of communication theory and error-control c oding. The candidate is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Selmer Center at the University of Bergen (UoB). The position is the result of a joint effort between Nera Research and the Selmer Center where most of the costs are covered by the NFR grant 156712/220 to Nera. The NFR funded Nera Research project is entitled "Lavkost høykapasitets bakkeradio''. In this project there is no funding for going abroad and accordingly we apply for an overseas fellowship. We stress the fact that although he is for mally an employee of Nera ASA, he is an integrated part of the Selmer Center. In fact all traveling expenses for going to international conferences and so on, are covered by the Selmer Center. An official invitation letter in which the candidate is invite d for a 11 month stay at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) beginning January 2005 is enclosed. The candidate is invited to visit the research groups of Profs. Paul Siegel and Jack Wolf who are both leading experts in the areas of information theory and error-control coding. In particular is it worth mentioning that Prof. Wolf received the prestigious Shannon Award from the IEEE Information Theory Society in 2001. The candidate performs research in the areas of coding and modulation for digit al communications. His research focuses on the so-called turbo codes and their asymptotic properties. In particular high spectral efficiency applications have been targeted. We believe that the research groups at UCSD will stimulate further research into this important topic.


IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

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